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Every Company Has A Story. This Is Ours.

Did you know that Olive trees can live for thousands of years? Olive trees not only produce exquisite tasting olives and oils, but they also speak the language of history and legacy.

And, when you step out of your comfort zone to plant the start-up seed to your success, you want to plant a seed that is going to grow into a legacy. A seed that will stand the test of time.

From the smallest seed, helping local businesses grow, Olive Tree has become a full-service digital agency, expanding into a multi-faceted creative communications hub offering strategic marketing, graphic design, social media solutions, and educational courses.

This year we launched our Coaching and Training platform, Olive Tree Academy. Our first master-class Social Media Bootcamp is now available! The BlockIt Planner System was born out of our desire to give visionaries and entrepreneurs the tools they need to put down their own roots and leave a lasting legacy.
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